the beginning

i started this blog last week, but really didn’t know how to begin, so it sat and i’ve been percolating on it ever since…how does one start in the middle of life…shouldn’t we start at the beginning, but then how do we really know when the beginning is?

so here i am, at the beginning of this, but not the beginning of my ‘story’. jumping in with my ideas, thoughts, opinions, beliefs (that often change) and well, life from my perspective.

i started floating edges because, with any idea, it starts when there is a perceived need. i felt there was a need for community within a community, a place where people but probably predominately women, mothers, girls who have seriously busy lives and are trying to figure out a way to make it all work.

finding a way to realize what’s important, really important to fit in and incorporate all of the ‘stuff’ we see everyday, when we are bombarded from messages from everywhere. i wanted a place where we could come and support eachother on life. the triumphs, the highs, the inbetweens and yes, the lows too.

living a more mindful life. with purpose. with passion. with excitement. with LOVE.

this is a very new venture, less than six weeks old, and i’m excited, to navigate this new world, this social media world, to create a place where we can meet for ‘coffee’ online, because meeting up and seeing everyone all the time is different now, so let’s adapt together.

xo, Christy