the first week

here i am, still somewhat lost in translation.  i think the hardest part is trying to figure out how i want this to look and feel and here i am using all lowercase letters because i wanted it to look casual. inviting. conversational.

it feels not right. it feels like “not me”

Like I don’t know how to form a complete sentence. Or complete a full thought.

Step 1: Revise and keep going. Feels much better already! Ahhhhhhh

Step 2: Figure out how to link social media sites.  Appears to be harder than it looks.

Step 3: Keep trying! Maybe tomorrow. Definitely not right now.

Step 4: Glad I have taken the time to start this because there are so many incredible stories to tell in this world, and that inspires me to share my own.  One day my kids will have more questions about me, and maybe they will find the answers here 🙂

Step 5: Get ready for yoga…that’s where my body needs to be, my head will follow.

Step 6: Complete my list of to-do items, that’s the type of day it is.

Step 7: Enjoy the process, because that’s where it’s at!

Step 8: Proofread 🙂

xo, Christy