what do you want?

How do you want to live your life? What’s important to you? Have you ever sat down to think about that answer? Do you ever put pen to paper? Fingers to keyboard? Thoughts into motion?

I have recently signed up to an 8 week fitness challenge at my yoga studio that includes Revkor. It required me to sit down, make a plan, write down measurements, take pictures (gah!!)  and get really clear what my motivation is and what my INTENTIONS are.

I often struggle with the thought of a ‘challenge’ but really, who cares? Once you get clear on what you’re trying to accomplish the plan becomes pretty clear. Now time to take action!

I found a bullet journal on clearance, grabbed a few colourful pens and wrote it all out to keep with me at all times.

Included in the tracker is:

  • inspirational quote of the day
  • gratitude
  • self-love/care
  • date, and what day of the challenge it is
  • weight
  • breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack categories – including recipes to try
  • water
  • appointments
  • to-do list of the day

Bullet journaling is quite new to me, never even heard about it until last week AND I’m loving the premise of it. Allows for creativity, accountability and mindfulness all in one cute little package.

xx, Christy