embrace the mystery

I was on Facebook this morning and saw this quote pop up by Panache Desai that read like this:

“As you navigate your day, know that it isn’t going to

go exactly as planned. Not exactly.”

At first, I didn’t think too much of it, but then….it stopped me in my tracks and it really started to sink in!

Whoa! How powerful! 󾭘

As much as we want life to go exactly as planned, mostly the way WE think it should!, it starts to become apparent that it just doesn’t always work that way sometimes.

If something does surprise us, how we handle it?

How do you handle it?

It comes down to whether or not we view it as positive or negative, but, if we take a step back and take the role of observer, we’ll find that we don’t become as attached to the outcome.

The reason I say this is because I had a ‘negative’ event happen this week and it really affected my mood and outlook. I was finally able to step back from it today and you know what? I found that with some perspective and a re-evaluation at my intention, everything played out how it was supposed to. Does that mean that I agreed with it at the time? Nope, I sure didn’t!!

That being said, was it easy to get through to the other side? Honestly?  It wasn’t, but a few yoga classes later, taking the time to express my frustration and letting my feelings flow, I was able to get to a place where it wasn’t occupying every brain cell.  And THAT feels pretty fantastic.

Time and space are wonderful teachers.  Moving into a place of ‘allowance’ is pretty powerful stuff.  We learn every single day, and that in itself, is pretty darn amazing!

Have a great weekend!

“Embrace the mystery” -@panachedesai

Much love, Christy