we are only a moment

About. That. Title. 

The amount of power in those three little words is undeniable!

I sat down tonight to prepare for my day tomorrow and came across various quotes on Pinterest and the book I am currently reading. A lot of it was on perspective.

I had a reiki treatment this morning in a group setting and we all offerered our own perspective or opinion of what came up throughout the treatments.

It was very interesting to step back and observe the comments that came to me after it was my turn to receive. All of it was beautiful and I knew exactly what it meant for me.

It’s all about not getting caught up in the why’s and how’s because the brain could have very well led me down a different path, especially when some potentially frightening information came my way.

Taking a step back mentally is an amazing tool to have in your back pocket!

I love this image because it appears as though you can either go up or down. I choose to go up! What do you see?