Every morning during high school, my parents would be up early, my Dad turning on the music and making coffee, my Mom sitting at the table putting on her makeup.

By the time I was ready and came upstairs, they were gone to get dressed or already have left for the day, sometimes still sitting enoying their coffee, talking about the yard or what needed to be done around the house.

Each day without fail, my Mom would have her devotional book out and would write out on a small whiteboard that sat on the counter the quote or scripture reading of the day. At the time – I’m sure there was a lot of eye rolling going on – I never understood what the point was. If there was something especially good my Mom would point it out and make sure we had a good look at it but I know the response was a shoulder shrug or a ‘hmmmpft’.  A why bother attitude for sure.

Fast forward to today, in my yoga practice this morning, tears of gratitude for a Mother who took the time to write out a few positive words for us each morning. Who took the time to ask us what we thought about what was written. Who took the time to care about what our response was.

I can imagine it would have been hard to get eye rolls almost every morning.

So thank you Mom, for taking that time. I don’t remember what they all said but I remember that there was something so important to you that you wanted to share it with us.

I did read them. Every single one. And I reflected on them a lot. But I didn’t ever say. So now I am.  Thank you for taking the time for always making us feel important.

And now I know why I love quotes. I spend ridiculous amounts of time searching for them, highlighting books, on Pinterest, whatever and wherever the source, I’m always thinking about them.

And I love sharing them in hopes that you find them as inspiring as I do.

Much love, Christy