father’s day

When I think of Father’s Day it reminds me of so many great memories growing up, especially the little tricks my Dad used to play on us as kids. Coming up with elaborate Easter Bunny hiding spaces probably tops the list of ways that my very creative father used to make us smile! (and groan, depending on your perspective!) waiting over an hour for that Easter Bunny chocolate was hard, especially if your three other sisters found theirs first.

My dad has always had a very creative idea percolating in his head, from the time he made us our very own car wash out of the swing set on a hot summer day, to building on garages to our houses, to renovating EVERY single house we have ever lived in, to rebuilding a bike so I could even have a bike, to building his own furniture that he’s designed, to re-landscaping our yards to land him in the local newspaper! He’s always had his finger in the creative pie, and he absolutely loves having a project on the go!

I love chatting and taking about these ideas, even if sometimes it gets us in hot water with my Mom, the latest one happening very recently and it looks like I owe my parents $75!  Sorry Mom! Should’ve thought that one through a little more!

Thanks Dad for all that you do, we appreciate it all, it was great to sit outside last night, in their beautiful yard, with the fountain bubbling, a fire roaring and marshmallows toasting.

Happy Father’s Day to you!

Much love, Christy