invincible heart

One of the things that I’ve been wondering about the past week was how to stay motivated when all I want to do is be lazy. Why does laziness creep up and sometimes take over? I think a lot of it has to to with the fact that it is EASY!

Laziness is EASY! Working for things is HARD.  

Especially when we notice things that we would like to improve or change that seem overwhelming. I’m not sure of all of the steps that happen to us when we notice something that isn’t working for us, for me I think I start with some internal dialogue about questioning if I actually saw the “thing” that requires work. I believe that’s called DENIAL. Then I move into being mad at myself for not taking the “thing” a little more seriously and take some time beating myself up over it. This stage doesn’t last nearly as long as it used to. Thank God. Next comes talking about it with those closest around me, or someone that I think may be able to help with “said problem.” From there I move to thinking about it some more, because it does take me a while to process the comments and conversations that were had. Moving on to solution phase. Figuring out what is manageable and what isn’t, what’s practical and what is do-able. This usually requires a lot of pen and paper time. (AKA LISTS). After the “plan” is outlined, then it’s time to execute the plan. This is the fun part!


Back in the “did I see this phase?” All of those steps seem a little ridiculous and painful. And they are. The process really forces you to take a hard look about why you ended up in the situation to begin with. That is the work. What is the root problem? Once you figure that out and now that you know what it is…what are you going to do about it? It’s called growth. And sometimes it’s really messy and it plays on feeling like a failure, but to experience the highs sometimes you have to experience the really shitty lows. Because on the other end of it, that sense of accomplishment when you start working the plan and experiencing the successes and the absolute joy that it brings you is SOOOOO WORTH IT!

I must say though, that sometimes you do need to be lazy in order to figure out what is really important. It’s kind of like a clarity shifter. Because eventually you do get sick of being lazy. Well I did anyways!  At the end of the day….it’s all about BALANCE.

I would love to hear how you pull yourself out of the laziness, or move out of your comfort zone to make a change in your life. Any tips or tricks that I can put in my basket are greatly appreciated!

Have a wonderful Sunday (being non-lazy!!) HA!