the journey

You’re on the journey of a lifetime.

A journey no one else will travel and no one else can judge – a path of happiness and hurt, where the challenges are great and the rewards even greater…you’ll learn that even at your darkest point you can find light – if you look for it.

Travel at your own pace.

Travel light…letting go of extra baggage will keep your arms open and your heart free to fully embrace the gifts of the moment. – Author unknown

This particular quote was written in an otherwise empty journal in a thrift shop, which was then shared with my Aunt, who shared it with me, and it has sat in my inbox until today.


I don’t really know other than the fact that I didn’t have anything to say about it at the time.  I knew that it had affected me deeply, and I knew that I would have something to say about it but before wasn’t the right time, now is.

I watched a Facebook live video the other day with Christina Jandali and in her post she talks about three different stages.

figuring it out

working it out

rocking it out

Aren’t we doing this all the time? Depending where we are at with any one thing, that is. I don’t know that I would claim to be an expert on anything but I do know that I have a lot of knowledge on certain subjects.  I love how clearly and deeply articulated this is.

I have read books, I have researched, I have absorbed words, other people’s thoughts, other people’s music, other people’s information, other people’s work, other people’s “everythings”, and now it has all started coming together to this point, where I start to offer my opinions, thoughts, feelings and stories with others.

Don’t we need to go through all of those stages to become who we are truly meant to be? Don’t we need to sit down and make a plan to become? Don’t we need to make a list of all that we are thankful for to make us realize what those light moments are? Don’t we need to let go of that extra baggage? Don’t we owe it to ourselves to let go of the beliefs that no longer have room in our suitcases? Don’t we have the right to dream like a child and believe that those dreams can come true?  Don’t we need to stop struggling, stop fighting, and come to that place of acceptance? loving kindness?  Don’t we need to ask for help if we need it? If we are struggling and that load seems too heavy?

Don’t we? I think we do! We owe it to ourselves to be curious, to find out who we are at the very centre and core of our beings. And along the way, we may or may not feel the need to share with other people what our journey or path has been.

We all need connection, community and most importantly love. Whatever that looks like.
Perhaps we need to just keep moving, shifting, flowing with a patience until we can see that light at the end of the tunnel.

Travel at your own pace…after all, is there really anything else?

Much love, as always, Christy