external noise

Isn’t it strange how much of our lives are interchangeable, how little is truly ours. Someone else’s ring tone, someone else’s song, someone else’s words, some else’s broken heart.  – Lang Leav

I was standing in the book store today, looking for Michael A. Singer’s book, The Surrender Experiment. I was at the till ready to pay, when suddenly it felt like there was a message still waiting for me to find on the pages of a book.  I found myself walking aimlessly through the aisles, waiting for ‘a sign’ when I came upon the poetry shelf. I picked up Memories, by Lang Leav, and that’s where it all came together.

As I was sitting in my car waiting later on, I flipped through and found the above quote. I’ve been wondering today why there seems to be this outward pressure that builds on us especially as we try to work on what we say ‘lights us up’.  At what point does it begin to ‘not be fun anymore’.

I believe it starts to happen when we create this build up of ideas in our heads and we don’t map it out somewhere. It just keeps building and building and it has nowhere to go.  Then it becomes this pressure cooker because we feel that these ideas are amazing and we want to implement them. BUT if they don’t move out of our heads into the initial stages of the planning process then it feels overwhelming.

All outside requirements, to me, then start to become annoying.  What I once wanted becomes somewhat of a burden because I feel stuck and start to struggle. I feel resentment because there seems to be no time.

I recently listened to a speech of Pema Chodron’s and she talks about groundlessness. The place where we do feel lost and in struggle, then the struggle starts to amplify because we don’t want to be struggling, we want to be happy.  But we aren’t happy, because we have all of these ideas, and these commitments, and these requirements and this life, and can’t we just have a moment to figure things out?

This external noise really hit home this past weekend when I was in a public washroom and there was advertising in the washroom saying “don’t just sit there, enter for a chance to win $30,000.”  REALLY? Like REALLY? Is nothing private/sacred/personal anymore? Why is there pressure like that to be always on?

So with the awareness of what I don’t want…I must then ask, what do I want?

What is important?

What is real? What is perceived? What is reality?

What can I do right now? What is manageable?

Where can I find the time to set aside to collect my thoughts?

How do I want to feel?

Who can support me?

What have I let slide that I need to keep me feeling like I’m on track?

What can I make mine?

Awareness. Notice. Check in. Breathe. Create space. Trust. Surrender.


The real truth starts to appear and the fire re-ignites. The passion for what I’m doing, and creating, and putting my energy into becomes easy again. The shift is always happening.

We are learning and growing, evolving in every moment of our lives.

Connecting into the sacred space of the universe.

What is  your process for getting out of the funk? How do you tune out external noise? How do you re-connect with what is important to you?

xo, and take care,