the juicing experiment

When we increase the goodness in our lives, we naturally edge out what doesn’t serve us. – Kris Carr

I’m currently on day 4 of a juicing cleanse, this is my third time doing a cleanse of this sort, and I really thought it was going to be no different than my previous ones. However, I feel that this has changed me in a way I didn’t think was going to.

What I Noticed:

  • I missed chewing food on the first day, in the afternoon, but because I needed to drive in excess of 6 hours that day, I did have a light vegan supper. (ok, and a small vegan dessert too).
  • I had an awareness around the food that I didn’t think I was actually eating such as little snacks as I was preparing supper for my family.
  • I felt fuller on the juices, which made me less hungry than I thought I would be.
  • I ordered 5 juices per day, but only ended up drinking 4 with the addition with copious amounts of water.
  • I missed having a green juice in the mix.
  • I loved having/using the glass bottles.
  • I loved that all of the ingredients were organic.
  • My energy levels continued to rise as the days went on.
  • The habits that I had created out of laziness, sucked.
  • Old patterns definitely tried to sneak up on me (afternoon snack…hello, Cheezies!) I resisted.
  • I often suffer from joint pain, especially my knees, and it was relieved on day 2.
  • Day 2 I was the most sluggish, which could have been the late night drive the night before.
  • Did not suffer from any other detox side effects: headaches, nausea, fatigue that can sometimes happen. Phew!

Mindful Moments:

  • Going through this made me become more accountable to how I was treating and respecting my body and inner health.
  • Having the experience of the cleanse allowed me to create space in other areas… all of my meals were prepared in advance.
  • I now have more clarity around the mindful connection to what I am putting in my mouth.
  • My/our relationship with food is so incredibly important. This is such a powerful reminder for me.
  • The food we eat, prepare, and consume has such a huge role in our overall health…we are what we eat.

Moving Forward:

  • Basically comes down to this…make a plan, work the plan.
  • Write important things down…come back to them often.
  • Share (my) experience.

Benefits of Juicing or should I say…“how do I feel because I juice…”

  • Increased energy levels.
  • Convenience – when you have your own juicer, it really doesn’t take long to whip up juice for the day. It’s such an easy way to consume fruits and veggies.
  • When I juice…I have a plan…I know what recipes I’m going to make, easy to shop and buy for ingredients.
  • Having celiac disease, I’m getting a quick absorption rate of vitamins and minerals.
  • So many anti-inflammatory benefits, which works wonders for my joints.
  • Such a great way to stay hydrated. Sometimes plain old water is boring.
  • Glowing skin! Yes, it’s totally true.
  • And it’s YUMMY!

For the first time ever, I kept a video diary of my journey this week on Instagram, and it was something I was really hesitant about because well, it just seems plain ole weird to be talking to my phone. BUT it did provide some insight and it also allowed me to be more mindful of the process. It was also nice to look back and watch, and see where I was at and how I was feeling.

In my very first video, I said something about…”I like the results of juicing” which upon reflection made me think that it was all about losing weight.  While that did happen, it really wasn’t about that. It was about honoring the journey of the last week. It was about returning to a place where I have inspired myself to take action.  I’m going to carry the phrase inspired action with me moving forward.

I’ve created a new reality, a new awareness, I’ve found out (again) what is important to me, what I hold dear to my heart. It’s more than just juicing…it’s about taking care of ourselves, in every moment….more mindfully.


Kris Carr has been a huge, AMAZING resource for me. She is incredibly inspiring and has so much knowledge. I’m including this link because she can explain juicing in a way that I just can’t. As well, in her book, Crazy Sexy Juice, she has a cleanse in there that also includes food, which I’ve done and I really wish I would’ve documented my cleanse, because it was awesome. I highly recommend it even if you are just looking for some new recipes.

And speaking of glowing skin, here is a wonderful recipe.

I use a Breville juicer, and a Vitamix (yay for mother’s day!) for smoothies…so wonderful on a hot summer day!

Questions? Curious about a juice cleanse? Maybe I can help…just let me know in the comments. Happy juicing, xo, Christy