03. bravery

Dear love,

You are not your fear. Or the pressure. Or the anxiety, the clutching, the gripping, the frustration, the tears, the kicking, the screaming, OR the bottomless pit of exhaustion from fighting the fear. Stand tall. Feel it all. Take a deep breath and step back. This is a moment. A MOMENT. A moment that seems like it is never going to end. Step back again. Physically step back and leave all those fearful thoughts where they are. Breathe. Step back again. FEEL. THIS. MOMENT. Keep stepping back. Breathe again. Let that breath fill you up and then push it all out. Bring your shadows with you into the light. Keep feeling, keep breathing. And feel the shift, the shift towards YOU. Towards LOVE. Towards what feels right. Towards the knowing that this detour is leading you to something greater than fear. Towards your truth. Towards your purpose. Towards LOVE.

no. 3/52