04. self love

Dear love,

Hey. Wait a minute. I just…can you wait a minute? I need just a second of your time. Just a moment. A moment. Did you hear that? It is the call of your heart. The call of wonder. The call of returning, becoming. Pause. Reflect on all of those moments that you stopped, listened, tuned in. Reflected on the guide of your heart. When you listened and it led you to the perfect quote, to music dancing on the air, an unforgettable conversation, a place where you were so engaged that you lost all track of time being exactly who you are. And as you wandered purposefully through those tunnels of light it led you closer to recognizing yourself for the uniqueness that is all you. The POWER of you. Embrace and take care of these precious times, for those seeds will bloom one day, and witnessing the love and the wonder along the way will lead to a life that you wouldn’t change for anything in the whole world.

no. 4/52