05. be present

Dear love,

Every moment is a response to your inner calling, your innermost desires. What happens in the moments of stillness…release those sparkles of inspiration into the glow of the universe. A reminder to the truth of you to explore, to live, to expand. To feel, to grow, to nurture, to love, to really feel all the feels. To live your life with wild abandon, with the fierce freedom and with the inspired action of truth.  With all of your being, begin the journey to find out what creates those sparks, and be relentless in your quest to bring all of your dreams to life. Imagine the best then rise above the extraordinary. Stay strong in your pursuit, watch yourself lift along the way, live in the clouds, with your roots tied to your heart. Give yourself permission to flow, float, to start where you are. And celebrate, yes, do lots of that too. xo

No. 5/52