08. faith

Dear love,

Lost achy thoughts, floating quietly through the shadows of night, waiting for the drift of sleep to carry us away. Instead, relentless questions that weigh heavy. Unfounded, ungrounded, seemingly unsolvable. Pulling our resistance along the rough edges of insecurity. The silent agony of uncertainty refuses to budge, the anchor of darkness holding fast to the quick beats of our overwhelmed hearts.

In out, in out, in out, in out, breathe, in out, in out, in out, in out, breathe, again…in out…

Carried away by the rhythm of truth, a glimmer of remembrance starts to overpower the call of fear. A blissful memory of understanding, acceptance, and permission to embody the gift of this right now moment. Supporting ourselves through to the next breath. Let this gift of inspired presence fill up your body so much so that you are so full, you are empty. A vast spaciousness of incomprehensible connection. A calling of trust in the magical essence of your very being. Where the depths of our roots meet the sparkle of the skies. Fill up. Stand up. Joy up. Trust up. Love up.

No. 8/52