11. comfort zones

Dear love,

In the wee morning hours, the brilliance of being is awakened along with the rising dawn of a new day. The inspiration, the ideas, the dreams, the longing of our beings is ruled by the desire of our hearts. But then reality comes crashing in with the reminders of what needs to be accomplished during the waking hours.




Spending time with the dreams of our hearts beckons that time be stopped, and then created again with a new urgency of the callings that can no longer be denied. Believe in the steps that carried you to this achy hollow and begin to fill it up with relief, permission, acceptance that where you are at right now, is a new starting point of growth, love, and most of all a new understanding of knowing where you don’t want to be. Embrace the change, step into the power of emergence, be unstoppable in your pursuit of bravery, courage and a new platform in which to leap from.

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