14. you got this

Dear love,

When it feels as though the wind is tirelessly beating you, you don’t remember when it just starting blowing through

When it feels like someone else is breathing through you

When it feels like you’re walking around with a boulder on your back

When it feels like all of the lights have dimmed in your walk down the tunnel of life

When it feels as though the sun doesn’t shine wherever your gaze takes you

When the blank stares, the never ending internal noise, the sleepless nights staring at the crack in the ceiling become overwhelming

When the rain rolling down the window echoes the silent tears running down your heart

When the ceaseless chatter hammers your body

When the aches & pains cry for release

When the platter of half-truths, lies and nonsense are laid out before you

When the sadness is unbearable

When the call of sleep begs your weary eyes for a fake reprieve

When there is no silence

Find a wandering step, a long lost curious step and keep going until your soul recognizes when to stop

And put it ALL out there

The feelings

The heartbreak

The emptiness

The hollowness

The regret

The mistakes

The ache

The tears

The despair


That somebody is listening. Even if you are alone, ESPECIALLY if you are alone. Offer it up, offer it away. Hand it over. Believe it’s not all yours. Believe that you can take the next step. Believe that your heart knows what to do. Keep asking. It will tell you. Listen. Remember and keep moving. Moving in the direction you want to go. That might mean stillness. Embrace it, and keep following, and listening, and rise up. Keep rising. Keep receiving and doing the things that light up your love, freedom and home. And fly.

No. 14/52