15. savor

Dear love,

There are so many moments of life that we never see. The rushed, the hurried, the waiting for the waiting, the impatience, the never ending to-do list, the unexpected unwelcome surprises, the unending loop of monotony, but what if there was a BUT. A pause. A wait a second. An awareness. A flipped coin. A pot at the end of the rainbow. A shifted perspective. A new page. A turned leaf. What if there was no waiting. no waiting for the sickness, the heartache, the major life event that turns everything around. What if the why, the purpose, the intention was always there, just never fully recognized? What if setting aside sacred moments in your day could create a very important relationship with yourself? What if you loved every moment of your life, even if they aren’t perfect or what you thought they would be. What if the routine of everyday, was the foundation for grounding your life. What if savoring life was the gateway? A base on which to grow from. Keep building, keep planting, keep weeding, keep shining.

No. 15/52