16. movers & shakers

Dear love,

Beyond the horizon there is a magical place that is naked to the human eye. But if you close your eyes, right there, in your imagination you can see it as clear as day. If you took a minute, right now, to close your eyes and let your mind wander, what would you see? Where would your imagination take you? Fill yourself with excitement for your truest life’s desires. What fills you up like a sparkler on the top of a birthday cake? What makes your heart explode with passion? As your internal excitement for your life builds, feel your body move into a sacred stillness. It’s only you and your excitement, your joy for the most amazing life. See it, feel it, bring it into your physical body, enjoy it, remember it, and breathe in all in. Take that joy and carry it with you, your own magic marker, to carry with you everywhere. Always.

No. 16/52