18. you are beautiful

Dear love,

it’s so easy to feel lost in the shadows of life

there are so many different shades, patters and textures

layers of descent that can trap us with untethered solemn

the internal random running dialogue that can go beyond the awareness of our current landscapes

a pause

a question

a moment of insight or clarity that penetrates our hazy fog

a ray of light

a new beam of understanding that there is more to the specturm

move to the equation

awareness + action = a new path

moments of recognition

that entice our bodies to move in new ways

that inspire our minds to think new thoughts

healing & replacing

choosing something different even though our immediate surroundings are still the same

they aren’t

because you aren’t

you are a product of learning, squeezing into a mold that no longer fits

break free

move beyond

let the sun shine in

let your happiness be your guide

let the feeling of how you want to feel be your beacon

you are the treasure

you are the prize

you are the light

you are the brilliance

you are a gift

you are beautiful

no. 18/52