We have to heal.

Even from the trauma

that we thought

we would never

heal from.


We have to tend

to our wounds

with water,

and love,

and the moon

and rekindle our fire.


We have to treat

our broken hearts

with kindness,

the kindness

we never received

from anyone else


Because if we do not

choose ourselves,

if we simply stare

at our pain

and allow it to overcome us

then we lose ourselves forever.


We feed ourselves

so many stories

of princes and saviours

coming to protect us

from our monsters,

from our demons,

that we forget there

is nothing more beautiful,

more fulfilling,

than becoming our own heroes,

than saving ourselves.

Nikita Gill, from the book, Wild Embers: poems of rebellion, fire and beauty

I hope you find this as deeply moving as I have.

Much love, Christy