hello beautiful


In November 2016, I was about to have the big 4-0!! I decided for that month, I would sit down and blog an encouraging message to myself based on the days events. Some days it would be as simple as don’t give up to you’ve got this to you totally rocked this day. I completed it for that month and it really was the foundation that is a big part of my daily practice today. First, who knew…and second…why didn’t I keep any of them!! (more on that below!)

This idea was inspired by the book, Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie. I was reading it as a daily devotional, and I thought, well, I could probably do something like that, something that was a little more personal to me (obviously, ha!) So I wrote, and it is a memory that still stands strong. I can still remember that feeling at the end of the month…I actually completed a self-imposed challenge, and it felt so freeing, and just plain old awesome! So fast forward to today and…

I am on day 54 of my #365daysofmeditation challenge. I complete this practice early in the morning, before everyone is up and at ’em in my house. As part of this practice, I have my trusty journal beside me and I always write down anything that has come out of my meditation but my main focus is to ask & receive. Ok bear with me here…in my meditation, I always ask:

What do I need to know today?

And then I wait.  Wait for that moment where I hear a thought. And then? I write it down. And THEN, I continue to write a paragraph or so of my thoughts around this message. I just free flow it.  Whatever comes out, comes out. Kinda strange, kinda woo-woo, but it works…for ME. This is my process.

So, what does all this mean?

I’m going to revive my daily practice of writing for the month of November here on this blog. Except this time, I’m going to have more of a pro-active approach. Morning vs. Evening. Inspirational vs. Reflective. Who knows? Maybe I’ll add a little note in my journal on the reflections I DO have as a result of my morning message. But currently? I’m just writing in the mornings.

I have found that through this process…and yes, everything is a process, and we do need to fall in love with the stage that is the process.  If we were good at everything there would be no reason to start something. And how fun would that be? I mean, I know there’s going to be amazing easy days in this month. And I KNOW that there is going to be the days where I want to kick myself in my own face for starting this. But I’m going to keep on keeping on.  BECAUSE. Once I complete this, there will be a new platform in which to jump off of for the next challenge I impose on myself.  Because I do this. ALOT.

So all of that being said my thoughts this morning were around the sentiment ‘hello beautiful’. Andddd that’s why it revolves around this post. It’s a welcome to my own self and maybe to you if there’s something project wise that you want to work on in the month of November.

This very specific question was asked of me recently and it was…“What are you doing with your intentional time to get you closer to the best version of you?” (thank you very much Rachel Hollis for stopping me in my tracks right then and there)…and for the record, that answer is still blank, but HELLO! I’m now doing something about it…and that something is to share it with all of you. And to write this damn post.  It truly has been something that I’ve had on my mind but didn’t have the guts or the gumption to actually share it with anyone.  Yes putting yourself out there in a new way is scary.

So that being said do you want to hear my paragraph that I wrote? Well here goes: (and if you don’t want to read it that’s ok, just keep on scrollin’)

Hello beautiful,

Every single piece of you has been created out of beauty. Each cell inside and out has been chosen just for you. Each experience, each moment of your life has been for you. The beauty of life is that you get to decide how to choose to experience life with all of this beauty. Do you notice it? Do you learn from it? Do you appreciate it? Do you love it? If you don’t, what can you do to love it? It’s your choice, beautiful.

So there it is. Short, simple and sweet with a side of kick ass? After my meditation and writing, I’m going to create a graphic,  and blog about it. The part I still need to figure out is how to remind myself of it during the day. Any suggestions? I may use the graphic as my screen saver perhaps? Hmmmm, I’ll think on that a little more, or ask in meditation actually, or wait for a moment of inspiration.

So now this…do you have a daily wellness or meditation practice? If so, how do you remind yourself of your practice throughout the day? (see, I need help on this part!) Have you ever done this kind of challenge with yourself before? Intentionally set up a daily challenge that will push you out of your comfort zone? I am a huge fan of experiments. (I think I may have mentioned that? Ha!) Daily living experiments…try this/do this and see what the outcome will be. Adjust and move forward.

**So this blog? This is my new “blog” (which I have done barely anything with, I might add) Until NOW!…anyways, my old blog, under the name floating edges, was active for quite a while until I decided to just use my name. Seems simpler that way, BUT, I don’t know where all of my old writings are. Boo. It would be nice to go back and reflect, ya know?

If you would like to follow me on in this journey, I believe there’s a follow button on here somewhere :). You’ll get a daily email with all of my thoughts for the day. Seem too much? That’s ok too, I’m thinking I’ll probably (maybe?) post on Instagram stories as well (@christydawnmills).

Cheers to challenges, experiments, and pushing comfort zones, Christy