the light is always on

It’s ok to not know all of the answers. To not know the outcome of every situation. To not know how to execute every single step. To let go of the control of the things that are not in your control. The beauty in not knowing is trusting that everything will be ok. Not  necessarily perfect or how we pictured it, but that’s ok. What if it turned out better than we could have ever thought, imagined or dreamed? Turn your light on. That deep internal light. Let yourself shine from the inside out and trust that it’s illuminating your path. Take time to notice the scenery, to feel your feet on the ground. Your connection to the movement of taking that next step. Your connection to the moment and trust that those steps will carry you. Trust that there is always a light waiting for you. Because there is.


**My blog posts for the month of November are based around an idea I’ve had brewing for a while! To learn more about the why, I wrote about it in this post called hello beautiful.  As always, thanks for being here, it’s really cool to be able to hang out in this way! Christy