heart magic

Asking a question and waiting to receive the answer is a hard thing to do. The waiting game. We all do it. Push the answer to come where there are a billion factors working in the background. Before the answer comes to light the question becomes…what do we do with our time in the waiting phase? The time of process? We beg, plead, bargain, hope, trust, get frustrated, bang on the wall, stomp our feet, move back into patience, visualize the ending, breathe,  in essence, we push the outcome along. We try to control the ending.

However, we also dream about it. We get excited. We trust that the outcome will be better than anything imagined. What if we just “worked” on the outcome every singe day with love, practice, intention, patience and more faith? What if we honored our emotions and the process too? What if we didn’t obsess about it? What if we gave ourselves the permission to just feel the waiting process and lean into it. What if we took an even deeper breath? What if we loved ourselves a little more? Trusted our initial question and why even more? What if we believed a little more? What if we trusted a little more?

What if we believed in the magic of our heart?


**My blog posts for the month of November are based around an idea I’ve had brewing for a while! To learn more about the why, I wrote about it in this post called hello beautiful.  As always, thanks for being here, it’s really cool to be able to hang out in this way! Christy