i am thankful

I am thankful:

  • for each breath I take
  • for each step I make
  • for each mountain I climb
  • for each river I swim
  • for each meal I receive
  • for each emotion I feel
  • for each lesson I learn
  • for each light that shines
  • for each shadow that reveals
  • for each smile I receive
  • for each hand I touch
  • for each hug that holds me close
  • for each kiss that connects
  • for each experience that fills my heart
  • for each conversation that inspires
  • for each relationship that honors
  • for each friendship that sees
  • for family that was chosen
  • for life and all it has to offer
  • for this Earth and all of its gifts
  • for this Universe and all of its pathways

What are you thankful for today? I would love to hear the list that comes to you…Christy


**My blog posts for the month of November are based around an idea I’ve had brewing for a while! To learn more about the why, I wrote about it in this post called hello beautiful.  As always, thanks for being here, it’s really cool to be able to hang out in this way! Christy