i’m not sorry

You won’t last 2 days he said.

He was right.

Last Wednesday night I told my husband of my plan to not buy anything for myself for 30 days. I broke that promise last night.

Here’s why: We hosted and attended a fundraising event for our son’s hockey team. Local & surrounding area businesses donated all sorts of amazing items for our silent auction. I came home with a beautiful basket full of hair products from the salon that I go to when it’s time to get my hair done.

While I did buy something, I know that I am always going to buy something at these events. Supporting local business is one of our core values. We feel that it such an important part of a vibrant community to live in.

When I was in Phoenix, I went to the community library and found a book that had been on my list, for free. It had been on my radar for a while but in reading the description and the reviews I wasn’t really sold on the book. So I didn’t buy it…not like that book in the airport…but that’s a different story.

Anyways! It’s called the Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. I’m not through the whole book yet BUT he has some fascinating concepts around the habits that we have.

It goes like this: CUE, ROUTINE, REWARD.

Going to this fundraising event was my cue. Buying something to support the fundraiser was my routine. My reward? Coming home with items that I was going to buy at some point down the road.

We can change our outcomes by changing our routine. But, I don’t want to and I probably never will. We knew going in that we were going to buy something, we feel that it’s important.

So I guess I should have stated initially that on Saturday, November 17, I’m going to start a 30 day challenge to not purchase anything for myself.

So today? Day 1.

If you want to read what prompted this challenge (I always have a few going), that post is called 30 days, and you can read it here.

A very very good friend of mine said to me last night, I can’t wait to read your confession post tomorrow. Well, this is it. And I’m not sorry.

What community events do you like supporting?