wall of dreams

Imagine this: You’re walking along this path, this path of life and as you’re walking you come across this wall. A wall that is as tall and as wide as your eye can see. This beautiful wooden wall is full of round sized holes. And inside of those round holes, is each dream that you’ve ever had. Now imagine that in your hand you are holding a round sized peg. And whenever a dream of yours comes true, you lift up that peg and slide it into the hole effortlessly. It was made to fit there. You made your vision come to life.

Now imagine all of the work that it took you to make your dream come true. Imagine now that you’re holding a square peg. And each time you worked on your dream, you took that square peg and tried to fit it into the round hole. It doesn’t fit, does it? BUT each time you tried to make it fit a small sliver came off of the corners. The change is so small. So seemingly insignificant but it’s there. The change has happened. The change has happened physically inside of you and physically with that square peg. The peg is moving from a square shape to a round shape, all because you have put time and effort into your dream.

Each time you pick up that square peg along the way, all sorts of emotions and feelings start to pop up. Hope, uncertainty, belief, frustration, inspiration and doubt just to name a few. But you keep going. And you keep dreaming your dream. And you keep working to make that dream come true.

And then one day it all just fits. The round peg fits exactly into that round hole on your wall of dreams. And you’ve seen the picture so often in your mind that it feels like it has already happened. But there’s so much more to it than that. You can see the physical extension of the work that you’ve put into your dream. You can see how it has impacted others.  You can see how being of service to another human being is the reason for it all. And it fills you up so much that it adds fuel to the fire. To keep going. To keep expanding this dream. To build and grow it. Because you’ve gotten this far. Stopping now would be a disservice.  Keep dreaming of ways to expand your spark…and then work on it.

*This post is about an idea spark that happened 2 YEARS AGO. Yes, 2 years ago. And last night? I got to see it live. A specialized, custom yoga practice that was taught by me and a dear friend that incorporated reiki and yin yoga. Specialized for women to create community within a community. Self-care practices are important to me and a HUGE part of my life. Sharing it with other women is truly a blessing.

This type of a class was given to me as a gift on my 40th birthday. Next week is my birthday, so it took me 2 years of working on this idea to see it in real time and real life.

Ideas take time & patience. They take alot of belief and alot of work and honestly, alot of tears. And then one day it just works. So whatever square peg you are holding on to right now, please, don’t give up on it. Keep coming back to it. Keep nurturing the spark. Turn that spark into a raging fire. It is SO worth it.

With that all being said, what dreams are you holding on to? What are your plans for them? How much time do you spend dreaming about your dreams? How much time do you spend with pen to paper? How much time are you spending on it without even knowing that you are? Take a close look at your hobbies and your interests and the things that bring you JOY. This is your soul shining a light on your dreams. Please, do something about them. The world needs your ideas. It really does! 

If I could also offer this: if you have something to share, don’t wait until it’s perfect before putting it out into the world. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Let the people who love you support you through the process. My Mom edits all of my posts and sends me grammatical errors almost every time. (Yes, after they are published!-before I would have sent my posts to her first, now I just hit publish!) I’m getting better but I don’t always catch them. Knowing that she is going to send them to me if there’s a whoops, is truly awesome. She loves that kind of work, and I DON’T.  I am so grateful she sends them to me! Play to your strengths and of the others around you.

Life is a work in progress, let your dream evolve and change as you do. This blog isn’t exactly how I want it. I still don’t know how to describe it to other people. It doesn’t necessarily look the way I want it to, but it’s here. And people are actually reading it. And sharing thoughts with me after the fact. And that is pretty cool. Creating community has always been my thing, so I’m thankful that you’ve read this and joined me here. And for all of you who have shared my posts, wow! Thank you.