you’ve got this

Whenever and in whatever situation you are in…you’ve got this. Excitement, frustration, passion, anger, happiness, sadness – you’ve got this.

You have the personal insight to know what to do. Honor the time that it takes to get you there. Some decisions are easy no-brainers, and some are heart wrenching on the floor kicking & screaming ones. Honor them both. There is wisdom in each of those phases.

Diving in & Letting go. Hills & Valleys. Ups & Downs. The very pattern of our heartbeat…this is human life…and you’ve got it – every step of the way.

Day 30 – Wow! You sure came fast! Every morning of writing has been a journey in and of itself. When I set out to complete my 30 days of morning writing it had this fresh excitement about it that felt unstoppable. Somewhere along the way of these days though, there were a few that I just didn’t feel like writing. But I did it – even on the day of my birthday where I didn’t post it here – that one is just for me! November is always a renewal month for me and this one certainly did not disappoint. I am so thankful I now have this very tangible way of seeing my own personal growth over the month.

Thank YOU for being here, and supporting these posts, especially on the hard days (even though you didn’t know!) It’s always easy when it’s easy but like this post suggests, there are the valley days…coming back to my why & the personal commitment I made to myself made it so much easier to show up every morning.

I’m officially on day 89 of meditation, and I’m very intrigued to see the journey at day 365. What a year of transformation.

Again, thanks for being here & until next time…Christy