meal planning

Meal planning has definitely not been one of my strongest skills. I have tried in the past with no long term success, which of course has made me realize that I’m most successful with a plan. (aren’t we all?) Anyways! I wrote out my meal plan on sticky notes yesterday afternoon, hit the grocery store with my plan and grabbed what I needed.

My goal, is to not be back at the grocery store until next weekend at some point, as I am typically there 4 or 5 times a week picking up any last minute items. (this is such a time waster, and it also promotes over spending, in my opinion)

I made up this template in canva, and the link is here…if you want to look at it, and hopefully edit it. The other meal planning tool I have used is trello, and it’s been working but mostly just to save recipes, which I can already do on Pinterest so, I’m going to drop trello for now and try out this method instead. Write my plan out on sticky notes, make the grocery list and grab what I need at the store.

The bonus with trello, is that you can type in your list on your computer, and access the list from your phone while you’re in the store. You can also type your items out in notes with speech activation so that would be good if something comes up during the week that is necessary but not do or die (like dishwasher soap for example).

There is just something to be said for having a paper copy. Either way, let me know what you think of this template, and if it would be beneficial to you to share my meals here every week. I could also provide a blank one that could be printed off and filled in as well – just let me know 🙂

Thanks! Christy

**Right now all of my recipes are dairy free, grain free & sugar free 🙂