march 18.19 – meal plan

This week’s meal planning went alot fast than last week that’s for sure! I used to find meal planning so darn intimidating but sitting down for 15 minutes today, was all it took to make a plan for the week.

I almost made it through the whole week last week without heading back to the grocery store ( I made it until Thursday ) so that is a win in my books!!

This past week, I wanted to expand into finding other drinks to have instead of water all of the time, so I tried to recreate a drink from Starbucks that I love – passion tea lemonade. I stopped in at David’s Tea and bought some of their passion tea tea, brewed some up, let it chill overnight in the fridge and then the next day I added a few ice cubes, the juice from one lemon and a titch of maple syrup. It was alllllmost the same?? Not quite but I didn’t add near the amount of sugar that is normally used for it. And yes, titch is a serious amount when measuring ingredients 🙂 It comes from my Mom! That being said, I will keep playing around with it until I get it perfected.

One odd thing that did happen after trying both corn & eggs, is that my nose broke out with an eczema patch. So I’m going to eliminate both of them and try to re-introduce singularly with more time in between. It’s really like introducing food to a baby all over again. But taking baby steps with my digestive system is really what is needed right now. Overall I have been feeling sooooo much better and that it what I wanted and needed so definitely on the right track with things.

Hope your week has been amazing – hope you find this meal plan helpful – I added in some snacks that I have – hope you like them too! The recipes that I’ll be using are from the books noted in the picture.

Now – off to grill some burgers in this beautiful spring weather.

Happy cooking! Christy