april 01.19 – meal plan

Well – I officially missed last week of meal planning. I was out of town for the week and it messed up my whole diet – truth be told. There were snacks that snuck in, there was a cocktail or two, and combinations of food that I should have allowed more time for my digestive system to handle.

The results were exactly a by-product of the food I was eating. My eyes have been so itchy for the past 4 days, that I have almost rubbed them right out of my head. My clothes aren’t fitting the same, which truthfully is quite the bummer.

However, this week it was SO nice to sit down and meal plan for the week. Once upon a time this was a huge chore that felt awful, but now, I rather liked the routine of sitting down to plan my health.

Last week was amazing – I tried new foods that were really delicious and has prompted tonight’s sweet potato buffalo chicken dish. I’m excited to make it this evening. The pizza in this post is what inspired me! I had it at Die Pie in Edmonton – I’m going to do a separate post about all of the good food I found while I was there.

Hope you all have had a fantastic week, and please do let me know if you have tried any of the above recipes – and if you have any suggestions meal wise for me – I would love to hear them! I am sticking with the no grains/diary/sugar/pork philosophy for now. Corn & eggs have made their way back in on a very small basis. 🙂

Cheers to an amazing week, Christy