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Where to begin? Well , probably at the beginning – that would make the most sense! So, here we go – into where my relationship with food began. It has been quite the process so far!

Growing up in small towns across Saskatchewan & Alberta, the prairies as they call them – found me living a pretty carefree life, with family & friends that supported me unconditionally. I remember spending “some” time in the kitchen as a kid, but only to make special event type things – birthday cakes, homeade popsicles, and popcorn. Believe me – popcorn is STILL a special event!

As I got into my teen years, I started working at a local fast food restaurant and this truly became my main source of nutrition. I was never a naturally hungry person, I only ate because someone literally put a plate infront of me. My Mom did a REALLY good job of taking care of our family. That being said, I could pour myself a mean bowl of Rice Krispies – for breakfast, and for rice krispie treats!

As a young adult, I was working a tremendous amount of hours at our local Credit Union, and so was my husband. Preparing a meal was a rare event, and the only time we sat down with eachother was when we went out to eat! Soon enough, our own kiddos came along, and I found I needed to amp up my game ASAP!

This was a huge learning curve for me! Cookbooks were my only resource, there wasn’t the vast amount of information to easily access on the internet during that time. I remember vividly trying to bake a sweet potato. I had never seen one before, so trying to find one in a grocery store was an overwhelming task and quite the adventure. My oldest son loved them, so I figured it out and that was a huge accomplishment! I fed it to him, but there was no way that I tried cooking it to eat for ourselves!

In 2007, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. This was a very hard transition for me. I literally ate like a bird during this time, and it was very challenging to adapt while also self teaching myself to feed my two young toddlers. Since then I have followed a very strict gluten free diet but it eventually led to me cooking numerous meals a day to feed my growing family.

It was hard, and exhausting. My habits would alternate through periods of very clean eating until burnout hit to living off of snack foods and pop.

I prided myself on not asking for help – I thought I could manage it all on my own. Until I couldn’t anymore.

I wasn’t feeling well again – symptoms were showing up in my body that I knew correlated with food and I just felt awful. Every meal felt like another hurdle and I knew it was time to make another change. So, here we are – with a new focus for this blog, a new look, and a new purpose.

To share recipes and support for others who may be going down the same path that I am…as a very inexperienced person in the kitchen to someone who is willing to learn how to nourish my body so that my WHOLE body is in alignment with eachother. Mindful, intuitive eating that FEELS good.

Where am I going with this? Read all about it on the next page – moving forward


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