moving forward

So now what? Now that we’re here – where in the heck is it going?

Well, at the beginning of February 2019, a pretty big shift happened – one that had been brewing for a really long time, and I realized that it was time to take action on it. Like I said, I hadn’t been feeling super great and through the fall of 2018 it was definitely not getting any better. Frustration was my middle name and I had no game plan to get myself out of it.

I reached out to a fitness nutritionist, and I made the plan to work with her during a 3 month period to assess what changes I needed to make in my habits and food to bring myself back into a state where I was “eating to live”. One of my goals in life is to actually LIVE it, not just let life pass me by. And in order to live life, then I need to FEEL my best, from the inside out.

I have so many practices in place in my life for mental and physical fitness wellness, but had no strong plans for what was happening (or NOT) in the kitchen.

This idea to blog about my food journey literally hit me this past weekend, and I have spent hours re-arranging my blog to accommodate these new changes.

I will be sharing recipes that I’m trying – what is working for me and WHY. I’ll also share resources for ingredients, what cookbooks I’m using, and what local businesses that I’m finding supplies in. I’m sure as time goes on, it will evolve and change, just like we do as humans.

Food is a pretty important part of our lives. No seriously it is. Treating it UN-seriously has gotten me in hot water more than a time or two. And it isn’t a great feeling. Choosing to put ourselves in a position to thrive is our right – and one we should be actively living for. I have spent hours upon hours reading books on nutrition and the effects of our body and instead of feeling to choose guilt for not using that information it’s now time to eat well, every day. Eating food FOR health is just like taking medicine. Wouldn’t you rather choose to eat your medicine instead of treating a symptom with a pill? Obviously there are extenuating circumstances but so much of our health depends on the food we eat.

Healing celiac disease was as “simple” as changing the foods that I ate. That’s it. What a life lesson handed my way all those years ago. Changing up the foods that I eat has also changed the way I feel, think, and act. Pretty powerful stuff!!

Thank you SO much for sharing this food journey with me. If you have any questions, or comments, let me know! I would love to hear from you.


**I do have my old posts still on here from the past few years – they had a focus on encouragement, meditation and general life observations. Moving forward, it will be all about FOOD!

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