18. you are beautiful

Dear love, it’s so easy to feel lost in the shadows of life there are so many different shades, patters and textures layers of descent that can trap us with untethered solemn the internal random running dialogue that can go beyond the awareness of our current landscapes a pause a question a moment of insight…

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17. shine brightly

Dear love,

I believe in your magical heart.

I believe in your courageous story.

I believe in your obstacles.

I believe in your curious questions.

I believe in your quirkiness.

I believe in your funny ways.

I believe in your touching presence.

I believe in your expression of wonder.

I believe in your miraculous spirit.

I believe in your captivating talent.

I believe in your tenacious drive.

I believe in your essence.

I believe in your universe.

I believe in your truth.

I believe in your legacy.

I believe that you inspire me in ways too countless to mention, only to feel.

I believe you can fly.

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16. movers & shakers

Dear love, Beyond the horizon there is a magical place that is naked to the human eye. But if you close your eyes, right there, in your imagination you can see it as clear as day. If you took a minute, right now, to close your eyes and let your mind wander, what would you…

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15. savor

Dear love, There are so many moments of life that we never see. The rushed, the hurried, the waiting for the waiting, the impatience, the never ending to-do list, the unexpected unwelcome surprises, the unending loop of monotony, but what if there was a BUT. A pause. A wait a second. An awareness. A flipped…

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14. you got this

Dear love, When it feels as though the wind is tirelessly beating you, you don’t remember when it just starting blowing through When it feels like someone else is breathing through you When it feels like you’re walking around with a boulder on your back When it feels like all of the lights have dimmed…

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13. choose kindness

Dear love, The connection of anothers generosity, no matter how big or small, is a treasure that will always bring a stillness to my heart, a moment of pause for the gift of receiving.  The exchange of giving and receiving is guided by the instinctual goodness of others, the feelings of happiness only amplified by…

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